My name is Andrea Devicenzi, I’m 43 years old and I’m a Paralympic cycling and triathlon athlete. I’ve practiced sport since I was 5, ranging from judo to football, from athletics to swimming. At the age of 17, following a car accident, my left leg was amputated.
I always like to say: “That night I lost a leg, but not the will to live”. I’ve studied music for over 30 years, my favorite hobby. In 2007, for fun, I started cycling, that, kilometre after kilometre, completely stole my heart.
After only three years, riding my mountain bike, I’ve travelled alone the world’s highest carriage road located in India, in the Kashmir region, reaching a height of 5,602 metres.
In 2011, I took part in the Paris/Brest/Paris competition, l’Olimpiade elle Randonnèe, 1,230 kilometres long, entering history as the first leg amputee athlete to finish it.
In 2013, at the European Paratriathlon Championships in Turkey, I won the silver medal.
I’ve used crutches since I was 17, so for 27 years. I have been using Tompoma for 6 years and I have found in them much more reliable which guarantees me, in the various activities, more security.
I feel good because they are much stiffer than standard ones and the millimetre adjustment in support has greatly helped me in my performances.

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