Gherardi: Tompoma is that elegant solution that improves your day

In 1994 a paralysis of the AA.II. forced me to change my life in a drastic way: I would not be able to go back to running every day, take part in MTB competitions, skiing… and practicing all those sports that were an integral part of my daily life …
Fortunately within a year spent between hospitals and rehabilitation gyms, one of the two limbs returned to “do its job” at least 50% of the capability!
I decided to go from wheelchair to crutches and a few months later to the orthopedic stick: it was 1996.
From that distant 1996 to 2011 I lost count of how many crutches and broken sticks I collected… and especially how many salaries I left in aids that soon abandoned me because they were unusable!!!
In 2010 in Sestriere on the occasion of the World Ski Championships for Athletes with Disabilities, I finally met Renato, who made me test a pair of Tompoma crutches: what a show!!
A crutch devoid of any kind of bending, silent, comfortable but above all… that in a few minutes made you understand that you could trust the “crutch” itself: this Tompoma seemed really robust and would not be broken in half as many times as had happened before… But I was now used to walking with the stick and being a famous “nuisance” … I annoyed Renato the whole week to make a new pair for me… at that moment they were not yet in the catalogue. One morning at breakfast the good “Crutches Master” told me: “Ok… I’ll put two sticks into production for you: what colour would you prefer?!?!?!”
A month later… I tested them at home: once the height has been adjusted, you immediately become familiar with the new geometry and so you throw away the old stick and start with the new one. From the very beginning, the impression of safety that the product transmits allows a more comfortable ambulation in total safety, the ease of millimetre adjustment of the height allows me to vary it during the day, depending on the terrain I am walking on. That’s right: since that day my pace had improved a lot. But the greatest satisfaction was when I entered the rehabilitation gym: the physiotherapists asked me if I had tried new medication or particular care because I moved faster than before….
Since February 2011 I have got way better. Of course, there have been some falls, both mine and of the stick, but still today I walk with that same stick on which I’ve only had to replace the leather of the ruined grip once, but… it ended up in the sea!!!!!
The second stick, personalized with a laser-engraved phrase on the stem (“So that one may walk in peace” by the Israeli federation IKMF) has become the extension of my arm and this year after so much training with me in the gym (it accompanied me to the Krav Maga Instructor course in Rome), will become in effect a whole with the new project of sports activities for people with disabilities.
In 2015 I decided to also take a pair of crutches: my legs resisted less and less and especially the back pain never left me. Finally, with those crutches I went back to walking some simple paths in the mountains and I went back to walking with friends as I had not done for a long time… From all this I can only say that for me, Tompoma was a discovery, but above all a new beginning, because they really support me in many ways.
The great satisfaction then, in the summer of 2015, was to give a pair of Tompoma to a friend: a war veteran with a double amputation to AA.II. and to see him still move straight and confident as if those two legs were really still his…
For all this, from my heart, I really have to say THANKS RENATO….
Luca Gherardi, customer.
Biella, 28 June 2016
Renato Brignone called his first stick model GHER, as Luca Gherardi was the first user of the Tompoma stick!
The Tompoma Team

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