Tompoma eliminates the hole-adjustment of the Canadian crutches.

The Tompoma are easy to adjust, as a key is provided to loosen and re-adjust the collar. This allows you to find the perfect fit for your height. On paper, it is said that crutches are adjusted based on a “trochanter”, this is one of the many incorrect facts available on crutches, and I take full responsibility for this statement. We are all different and some of us have longer or shorter arms. The truth is that the right posture is found by trial, and the “standard” products, which are adjusted with predefined pins, do not allow any adjustment margins suitable for everyone.
With Tompoma the adjustment is at millimetre-level, so it is easier to find your ideal height. The only suggestion I can give you, is to verify that in walking the shoulders remain as “flat” as possible, without moving too much; this basically means that you are consuming the right amount of energy because you move with the right ease, without exerting effort for your shoulders and back.

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