Here is the difference between a durable crutch and a top-quality Tompoma

The young production company Tompoma boasts a “Made-in-Italy” excellence, explains Crivelli (the partner in charge of production): … it is practically a mixed cycle between artisan production and industrial production.
The Proman and Zeda models are characterized by the use of a particular ultra-light magnesium alloy: this metal, mainly used in the aerospace and military sector, is a metal that is difficult to process, but it is the only biocompatible metal that boasts structural resistance equal to the noblest steel with a weight that approaches carbon. At approximately 650° C, it is poured into molds manually; this is the most delicate phase of the whole process because the molten magnesium, like titanium, has a high degree of self-combustion, so the master melters must create an invisible inert gas blanket between the liquid metal and the air present in the environment so as to cancel the risk of contact with oxygen and therefore fire; this ensures the filling of the mold and the casting in safety; once cooled, the jet is extracted manually. The precision of the casting, the speed and rate of the liquid flow, the attention in the inclination of the crucibles allow us to obtain a compact and resistant product, ready for the subsequent drilling and grinding operations. So, a new, very delicate phase begins, the deep axial drilling of the jets.
They are positioned one by one on numerically controlled machines that drill with millesimal precision; the controls of the rotation speed and of the progress of the drills and the relative friction temperatures are still manmade.
After checking the holes for the insertion of the tubes, the tolerance of the wall thicknesses etc…, the subsequent surface treatments start, followed from there by the varnishes and finally by the lasering of the logos and the brand.
Every single lot is monitored at every stage and meticulously checked to obtain a product capable of ensuring a quality worthy of bearing the “Made-in-Italy” seal.
The Faiè model, however, is a masterpiece of TIG aluminum welding. Extruded tubes of ergal aluminum are cut industrially, deburred and rectified, the various pieces are bracketed one by one on steel templates. From there the master welders carry out a continuous bonding, with intensity that allows the material a very high penetration inside the tube and therefore a resistance that holds more than 800kg of maximum stress. From there, they begin surface treatments and anodizations. The final product highlights the technical aspect and Tompoma craftsmanship, once again an example of the “Made-in-Italy” excellence. The welding techniques used are the same as those used for welding the frames of MXGP cross bikes, as well as the subsequent firing processes for stabilizing the welds.
May 2018
The Tompoma Team

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