My name is Thomas Frey, I am 53 years old and I live in Cologne, Germany.
I am the founder of “Fit mit Handicap” and I live for my passion: sport, especially golf.
On August 12, 1985, at 8am, my life, as I had imagined it when I was young, ended. I was 21 and almost died in a car accident, where I lost my leg.
This was not part of the plan for my life, so the weeks, months and years that followed were very difficult. But with the help of a lot of discipline, courage and above all wonderful people, I could free myself and overcome that oppressive situation.
Today my goal is to convince people with a handicap of their ability to do great things. I want to help them not to bear their fate, but to see it as a challenge. In 2010 I founded “Fit mit Handicap”. Here I train with experts in the field of sports science, therapy and rehabilitation, people with and without a disability. Training is adapted to the specific needs of people.
My idea is that people with and without disabilities should look each other in the eye. Only when disabilities manifest themselves with self-confidence do the reservations and concerns on both sides melt, and life creates careful cooperation!
I am a consultant, patient and representative of a tele-rehabilitation project.
The goal of the project, underway since 2013, is to eliminate phantom pain, which most of the amputees suffer, in a way not related to the use of drugs. The project is funded by the EU.
In a team with an industrial designer, I am working on the development and distribution of a unique training mode for movement therapy and sports applications. In the future, complex 3D motion landscapes, that will specifically address orthopedic, neuromuscular and cardiovascular training courses and offer individual rehabilitation and therapy opportunities to trainers and therapists, will be created.
Since 2012, I have been organizing so-called amputee surf camps on behalf of rehabilitation clinics and orthopedic laboratories. At the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, I would like to be the first German to win a medal in the discipline of golf. Provided that golf becomes a Paralympic discipline… Golf is my passion!
I have been using Tompoma since 2013. I have chosen them because they support my social and sport activities in an optimal way.
Thanks to their ergonomics and design, they are a sports device for top performances and in everyday life they stand out for their beauty and originality. No other crutch offers me this mix!

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