We have designed it to make life more dynamic, comfortable and enjoyable. We focus on performance, freeing our mind from concepts of disability that really do not exist. For us the words “handicap”, “disability”, “crutches”, “Canadian cane” are nothing more than barriers to break down, meaningless terms to be relegated to the dictionary of obsolete words.
Tompoma wants to think of difficulties only by offering extraordinary solutions.
We have designed it starting from the experience of those who, for years, had to deal daily with the damage and inconvenience caused by the products in circulation. Those old, fragile crutches that, in addition to breaking easily, caused blisters on the hands, pains in the shoulders and back and the embarrassment of carrying an ugly object that gave an unbearable sense of being a medical tool.
Tompoma is an extraordinarily beautiful object and its design goes far beyond its function. It just has to be bragged about!
We have built it with innovative materials and technology to be the number 1 in all aspects. 100% ergonomic, it has a weight-stability ratio never achieved before and original quality standards in this product category.
Tompoma is an exceptional model with amazing performance that does not fear the test of time.

We have tested it to show its resistance, security and effectiveness beyond all reasonable doubt.
After fulfilling the normal legal requirements at the Tecnolab testing institute of Verbania (link, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 11334-1: 2007 standard, each of the models on the market has been subjected to tests that go well beyond the normal requirements.
On April 16 2018, dynamic mechanical tests were completed, during which the Tompoma endured a million consecutive crushing tests with loads from 150 to 250kg during a period of 56 hours.
With these results the Tompoma models are clearly above the standards of the products currently in circulation.
Tests easily passed by all the models are, for us, the best guarantee for our customers, who need an efficient tool they will never have to worry about.
In search of the limit, we asked the same laboratory to test Tompoma for incremental uniaxial static load up to breaking or yielding, through the use of specific machinery (Galdabini CTM/60 and MTS 359 25K).
The quality of the machines and protocols, already deducted from the standard testing indicator, guarantees a data accuracy of 95%.

The results were astonishing even for the experts at Tompoma. Incredulous, they registered resistance to static loading (static load) of over 6411 Newton (641kg) for all models, with some models reaching 8000NW and then 800kg.
In spite of the obsessive attention to the supplies of the components and the fact that the crucial phases of processing, casting and welding are initially assigned to highly qualified and certified professionals, we have implemented ad hoc tests for each single piece that a Tompoma product is composed of, and for every type of processing to which our products are subjected.
Before a Tompoma product can be marketed, it is subjected to other important controls: a radiographic examination to guarantee the perfection of these fusion and welding processes, a strict test on the rubber tips, to evaluate its compactness, grip and resistance to the abrasion and a series of tests on the endurance of exclusive Tompoma paints and surface treatments that must withstand atmospheric agents, UV rays and acid and salt environments, keeping the structural characteristics and the aesthetics intact.
The results tell us that the Tompoma never grows old!

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