Italian design, aeronautical materials and scientific studies to face motor disability.

The Tompoma Team arrives at the most important trade fair in the sector with a line of “crutches” that seem
to arrive directly from outer space. To be honest, explains the inventor and president Renato Brignone, we refuse to call an object that embodies the excellence of design and research – and that has very little in common with the products on the market today – a “crutch”. It would be too simplistic. We prefer to call them simply “Tompoma”! The Tompoma, thanks to its award-winning “Zed” structure, whose charm is visible to everyone, offers, to those who use it, countless scientifically-proven benefits. Total safety in walking, thanks to the support at 90° with the ground, less muscle fatigue, due to its “intelligent” centre of gravity and, above all, the drastic reduction of damage on the spine, wrists and shoulders, caused by crutches.
This means, from the beginning, less physiotherapy, savings in time and money and more physical and mental energy. In a word: better quality of life.
Yes, Tompoma, through the diffusion of its products, has the ambition to revolutionize the old paradigm of disability with two very unusual weapons: beauty and efficiency.
Our brand, explains director Milanoli, will become a point of reference for the quality of what we produce and a real philosophy of life. Tompoma life style. We are convinced that the term disability goes too far beyond the physical limitation itself and that this is, in a large part, due to the fact of seeing an unpleasant “aid”, whose image immediately refers to the concepts of suffering and difficulty. On the contrary, Tompoma is an aesthetically appealing object that shows itself proudly to those in front of us, transforming what today forms a barrier in a new opportunity for dialogue.
“Those who choose Tompoma do not go back” is not a slogan, but simply the feedback of 100% of our customers. While the exceptional performances of the Tompoma progenitor, the Titanium model, had the limit of positioning themselves in a too-exclusive market, today, thanks to renewed production processes, we offer models with identical performances, at a price that really is accessible to everyone.
We are particularly proud of the “kids” models and the wide range of possible customisations that make each Tompoma a unique piece!
Bologna, 18 April 2018.

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