From the very first step, to the moment when all the body’s weight is concentrated onto TOMPOMA, its position is perfectly perpendicular to the ground. The weight is discharged to the ground at an angle of 90°, with less risk of falling and more safety even on slippery floors and treacherous terrains.

The natural setting of the walk weighs much less on the shoulders and on the back than older crutches and requires users to keep an upright posture: walking is less tiring.
Safety is our main concern!


TOMPOMA isinnovative in design, has a certified resistance, is light and comfortable, thanks to its shape and the detail of the padding.
Adjustable like no other andsilentbeyond expectations.

In-depth studies on innovative alloys have allowed us to obtain an extremely light and resistant product.

To achieve these high performances, we focused on the research of high-performance metal alloys and on the king of all materials: Wood.

We use a TOMPOMA ALLOY that meets the most stringent quality standards and we count on cutting-edge surface finishes, patented for highly technological products.


For TOMPOMA two types of analytical studies have been conducted:

of scientific/academic type: research centres and university departments have developed comparative analyses, measurements of muscular stresses
and postural assessments;

of subjective type: rehabilitative orthopedic departments in public hospitals have submitted users to interviews and product evaluation questionnaires.
In both casesthe results were excellent!


TOMPOMA is comfortable and light in all its versions.

For the 2 Child models, for example, we wanted to keep the TOMPOMA style intact while seeking, at the same time, an ergonomic fit for the little ones. All in just 450 grams!

The welds are made to withstand high stresses and the metal working processes guarantee grip and reliability.

TOMPOMA has certified its resistance:it has been subjected to a million consecutive crushing tests and tested to withstand from 150 to 250 kg, depending on the model.


Walking with TOMPOMA means moving silently (finally!).

The adjustment system does not include holes and pins that may loosen over time and consequently create annoying noises at every step.

TOMPOMA uses rings that block the flow of the tubes from one to another, also allowing amillimetric adjustability on the upper and/or lower shaft, depending on the model.

Our adjustment system allows aperfect definition of heights and makes the TOMPOMA suitable for all types of users, even including the most demanding ones.


We have chosen the best finishes ever designed for an orthopedic aid!

To prevent the formation of blisters and fatigue of the hand, three coating materials were selected: EVA, copolymer, hypoallergenic and non-toxic plastic, with exceptional lightness and comfort properties;cork tape, a special blend of EVA and cork that absorbs vibrations and sweat, with a soft and pleasant grip; leather, which is natural, long-lasting and has elegant aesthetics.

The forearm supports, for the part in contact with the skin, is covered with a layer of EVA that provides softness and comfort. For many of our models, the articulated abs version is available.

No crutch is as comfortable as TOMPOMA!


The TOMPOMA design revolutionizes the way to lay the crutch ‘at rest’ and reduces the annoyance of traditional orthopedic aids.
No more precarious balances and unstable positions!

Thanks to the innovative shape of the grip,TOMPOMA ‘sits’ with you, in a stable and space-saving position, naturally anti-slip on all surfaces.


Not just in a single colour!

With the support of top designers we have studied adhesive graphic kit to customise our TOMPOMA.

Pre-cut and easy to apply to aluminum parts, they protect tubes, the parts that are most exposed to abrasion in everyday use.

These highly performing films are offered in a range of coloured, geometric and decorative patterns, resistant to UV rays and scratches.


TOMPOMA is produced entirely in Italy.

In a groundbreaking moment in history, in which market logic sees product price to be amongst the most important factors in choosing a product, we at TOMPOMA focus on quality.

We have relied on specialized companies with high quality standards and experienced and competent people.

We are proud to have found the right solutions for a top quality result at the right price.

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